New head of the QATRO technical unit

Calixto J. Cernadas Romero, nuevo RUT de QATRO

fter a long and exhaustive internal promotion process, the QATRO group has since last December 2020 a new Head of the Technical Unit (RUT): Calixto; He succeeds the founder of the company Manuel Ignacio García Roldán, who assumed the current position during the recent transition stage in the direction of QATRO.

Calixto, who accumulates a long experience in E + I & C start-ups at QATRO, has been part of the company since 2009. He is an industrial technical engineer from the UDC and was a student of the founder of QATRO in the teaching stage at the university of this latest.

The new RUT assumes the challenge of continuing to develop QATRO’s technical unit, which is made up of its seven (7) areas grouped into:

  • Engineering and Training
  • Testing and Maintenance
  • Operation, Supervision and Commissioning

Provides industrial electricity and instrumentation & process control services.

This change is part of the process of generational change in the company, always committed to the principles and values ​​of QATRO, a process in which, last year, the new general director of QATRO was appointed: Jesús Casas.

Manuel I. García Roldán continues to be linked to the QATRO group as a technical advisor specialized in QATRO services.

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